The Island Prologue

Prologue –  The Island

The IslandBefore the beginning,

was the Story.

Memory is a strange thing for man. It plays havoc with his life. The things that are essential to remember are too easily and quickly forgotten. And the things that should be forgotten haunt with a relentless grip. Memory is both a curse and a cure. The difference between the two comes from a source beyond man. To change or ignore this fact only complicates the situation. The way to the cure and an escape from the curse was lost. This is part of what had been forgotten. And once forgotten, it was beyond man’s power to recover.

Something was needed.

Who can fully tell how the Story was forgotten? Like most things forgotten, it happened unnoticed. It was like erosion too slow to perceive. But it did happen. And it happened to the peril of everyone.

But forgetfulness was not the only cause for the loss of the Story. There came a scheme and a lie. The scheme was to change the Story or substitute other stories. The lie was to discredit or distort the Story. In either case, the resulting loss was the same. Nothing made sense any more. Each man, caught in either the scheme or the lie, still desired what only the Story provided. And so, without the Story, confusion, doubt, death, and destruction ran their course. The scheme and the lie seemed to have reached the desired purpose.

All would seem lost if it were not that the Story itself told it differently. Even though forgotten, changed, doubted, or substituted, the Story remained true. Nothing could change that. The greatest of all passions was behind it. Destiny is not a large enough word to describe the certainty of the Story. No scheme, lie, or power could alter the inevitability of the Story.

The present danger was that the Story was moving to its conclusion and too few recognized the peril. But even this was foreseen in the Story. And so, once again, the memory of many would be stirred. The deep truth of the Story that lay buried, twisted, or ignored in the souls of many would soon be re-ignited. The darkness was growing. But light, though dim at the start, would come. It was time for the Story to be told once again in unmistakable fashion. There would be no excuse. The lie and the scheme would be exposed for what they were. In the end, the Story would remain as it was from before the beginning.

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