A Few Words about the Island

Several people have asked me to give them a short description of “The Island.” The Island is a little difficult to strictly classify. It is Christian fiction that can be further classified as Epic/Adventure. The Prologue gives you a hint concerning the direction that the Trilogy is heading. The complete Trilogy will revolve around a short but simple poem.
Before the beginning was the Story.
Then a Lie was declared and believed.
But in the end, everyone will now and understand the Story.
The Island is the first installment of the Trilogy called “The Story.” This first book deals with a man marooned on an island on which he encounters unbelievable sights and events. On the island, he also comes upon mysteries and a story which hold holds the key to his rescue, destiny and the destiny of the world.
Beyond this I dare not describe or else I will spoil some of the surprises awaiting the reader.
Enjoy the adventure…Truly